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        2. At Liberty, our people are our priority. We seek to attract and retain top talent by providing a work environment that encourages personal and professional growth, promotes inclusion, sponsors diversity and supports the goals of our employees to drive the success of our company. Thanks to these initiatives – we’re proud to say that the average Liberty employee has been with the company for over 15 years!

          Recognized as a Finalist in Denver Business Journal’s 2015 Best Places to Work

          Industry leading health and wellness benefits:

          • Fitness classes and onsite gym
          • Free nutritious meals provided at onsite café featuring locally sourced products
          • Liberty is proud to offer organic produce, grass fed beef, free range chicken, cage free eggs and sustainable caught salmon
          • Provision of benefits to domestic partners

          Flexible and alternative working arrangements:

          • Encourage customized work hours to accommodate personal schedules
          • Fully operational remote work capabilities
          • Support mobility across divisions to stimulate employee engagement and promote retention

          Unique ongoing education opportunities:

          • Offer tuition reimbursement for coursework that is professional relevant
          • Executive coaching and career development opportunities
          • Payment covered for professional seminars and membership in professional organizations

          Promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace:

          • Liberty sponsored WeCN Program – a women’s mentorship opportunity
          • Quarterly employee meetings with CEO
          • Opportunity for all employees to ask questions of management and interact with colleagues across departments
          • Offer summer internships for diverse candidates
          ? 2018 Qurate Retail, Inc.